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4 joules
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Probably super late but in essence hydrolyzing ATP means breaking a high in energy anhydridic bond, if you break ATP all the way down to AMP + 2Pi you break 2 high energy bonds, thats why.
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You asked this 3 years ago but for other people: Le Chatelier's Principle.
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Hi great video just a small correction, you said that Alpha-ketoglutarate is analogous to the enzyme complex that catalyzes step 1 of the TCA. However, it is analogous to pyruvate dehydrogenase which catalyzes a reaction that is not actually part of the TCA cycle. Thanks for helping me survive biochemistry!
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Because adrenaline (epinephrine) activates glycolytic enzymes. Epinephrine is a stress-response hormone, and part of its many activities is signaling a cascade that activates energy-generating processes.
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