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3 joules
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I think the region that you drew for the absolute refractory period needs to be shifted to the left. Rather than having the absolute refractory period start at the beginning of depolarization, it needs to start at the threshold value. Prior to the threshold value the Na+ gated channels have not been activated. https://content.byui.edu/file/a236934c-3c60-4fe9-90aa-d343b3e3a640/1/module5/images/Refractory.JPG
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There is more positive charge moving out of the cell than is coming in. The Na+/K+ pump is re-establishing the sodium and potassium gradient while helping to return the inside of the cell to it's negative charge resting potential. In other words the Net positive charge is being moved to the outside of the membrane.
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Correction in the text. "...along the three directions (x,y and X) and also..." This should read "...the three directions (x, y and Z)..." The part I found most helpful was the explanation as to why it is important to have an amplification of force as the sound wave travels deeper into the ear. i.e. the need to transfer the energy from air to liquid. Great video! Thank you!
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