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Resonance Forms Example
More often than not, several different Lewis dot structures exist for any given molecule. So then the question is: which one is the correct Lewis structure? The answer to this question is that neither Lewis Structure completes the picture and a combination of Lewis structures should be used to describe the molecule. These combination of Lewis structures for any given molecule are known as resonance forms. Note that the arrow that is used to represent different resonance forms is a double headed arrow and is different from the arrows used to represent equilibrium between products and reactants.
[{"id":"goOfYMRmGf4","title":"Introduction to Resonance Forms","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/introduction-to-resonance-forms"},{"id":"Ljzll5qg__s","title":"Resonance Forms Example","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/resonance-forms-example"}]
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