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Introduction to Fatty Acid Synthesis
Our liver cells and to a smaller extent lactating mammary glands and adipose cells can synthesis fatty acids from acetyl CoA building blocks. This process (1) occurs in the cytoplasm (2) uses a single polypeptide chain that consists of seven catalytic domains (3) uses an acyl carrier protein domain bound to a phosphopantethiene group (4) incorporates two-carbon acetyl groups to elongate and build fatty acid chains (5) is driven by carboxylation (6) requires reductant NADPH molecules (7) halts at the sixteen carbon palmitate stage.
[{"id":"t4D5_du3Of8","title":"Introduction to Fatty Acid Synthesis","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/introduction-to-fatty-acid-synthesis"},{"id":"6W5dntsodvo","title":"Initiation of Fatty Acid Synthesis","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/initiation-of-fatty-acid-synthesis"},{"id":"4VNKyf34xmI","title":"Fatty Acid Synthesis","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/fatty-acid-synthesis"},{"id":"pa4rHm2eOlM","title":"Fatty Acid Synthesis (Part II)","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/fatty-acid-synthesis-part-ii"}]
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