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Introduction to Fatty Acid Metabolism
Fatty acids are long carbohydrate chains that have a terminal carboxylate group. They are used by our cells to store energy, build cell membrane constituents (i.e. phospholipids and glycolipids), modify protein structure and functionality and build hormones. Fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid breakdown two important processes that are reverse of one another. Fatty acid synthesis is a reduction process while fatty acid breakdown is an oxidation process.
[{"id":"0M7PH3Mro5Y","title":"Introduction to Fatty Acid Metabolism","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/introduction-to-fatty-acid-metabolism"},{"id":"TVzJqpzoqDM","title":"Triglycerides","link":"http:\/\/www.aklectures.com\/lecture\/triglycerides"}]
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