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AK LECTURES is an online educational platform focused around providing you with clear and concise explanations to difficult concepts in the sciences. Our aim is to create an educational environment that will promote collaboration between our users and help spread knowledge to every part of the world. You can read more about our mission here.

Who are the instructors at AK LECTURES?

At this time Andrey is the primary and only instructor at AK LECTURES.

What subjects do we cover at AK LECTURES?

We are currently focusing on general chemistry, organic chemistry, classical physics and modern physics. Our aim is to cover these subjects as extensively as possible, which means we do not shy away from the more difficult aspects of each subject. Once we cover these four subjects, we plan to move on to other subjects such as single and multivariable calculus, biochemistry and biology.

What does it cost to use AK LECTURES?

Nothing! Registering and using our extensive library of educational lectures is completely free of charge. We believe that this will allow us to create the largest impact on the greatest number of people around the world. In addition, it will help us reach those places around the world where educational resources are limited by economic, geographic and financial factors.

How is AK LECTURES funded? Does AK LECTURES profit?

At this point in time, AK LECTURES does not profit in any way nor does it receive funding from any outside source or organization. AK LECTURES is made possible entirely from personal investments that came out of our own pockets. Therefore, in many ways, our progress is limited by financial factors and that is why we depend on your donations to continue our mission. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

Do I have to register to be able to watch all the lectures?

No, all the lectures are readily available to the public without registration.

However, registration allows you to join our ever-growing community of learners and gives you access to valuable features such as posting questions and keeping track of responses to your questions. Remember, our mission is to create an environment in which users actively learn by watching our lectures and by engaging with one another in discussions on the different topics in the sciences. As our online community grows, we will create many more interactive features that will connect you with others who can help you answer your science-related questions.

How do we select the next topic to cover? Do we take suggestions?

Absolutely! In fact, we continually ask our users to send in suggestions regarding what topic or subject to cover next. We take these suggestions very seriously and try to accommodate the majority of our users' educational needs.

If you have your own suggestion as to what we should cover next, feel free to send us a message.

I really love what you are doing! How can I contribute to AK LECTURES?

One of our goals is to reach out to as many people as possible. As a fellow viewer, you are truly our most valuable resource because you have the power to spread the word to others!

If you found our lectures helpful or appreciate what we are doing, feel free to tell your friend, colleague, teacher, professor or even that complete stranger you sit across from every day on your commute to school. Remember, we are not funded in any way and do not have any sort of team in place that advertises for us so we really do depend on you to get the word out.

If you enjoy our lectures, you can also subscribe to our channel on YouTube or donate directly on our site.

What goes into creating each lecture?

Although the time it takes to create any given lecture varies, on average, each lecture takes about four hours to create. This time period includes researching the topic itself, cross-referencing the material, creating an outline and transcribing it onto the whiteboard, recording the lecture as well as editing it and transferring it onto the site. Once each lecture has been checked for errors, the lecture is uploaded to the site along with a description corresponding to the specifics of that lecture.

Am I allowed to embed your videos onto my website?

We consider such requests on a case-to-case basis. If you or your company is interested in embedding our lectures onto your website, please contact us for more information.